The sound of tires screeching on the asphalt, the heavy metal thunder of engines, exciting corners, and thrilling speed is what you get once you set foot in the world of racing games.

As a way of excitement, these games started fascinating us back in the days of old school gaming machines that offered crude almost 8-bit versions of the racing track simulators.

Today, just like everything else, they evolved to the limits of real immersion. Take a look at the unforgettable titles every race fan has to know by now.

Need For Speed series

From the first day NFS: Underground appeared in the stores, I can remember playing it and thinking how the human knowledge and achievements know no limits. Since then, the franchise has seen dozens of reboots, sequels, and new titles to make you fall in love with the speed.

Some were better, some were not, but the conclusion we must draw from it all is that you can’t go around claiming to be a gamer if you never tried an NFS video game.

If you like the car tuning scene, wild illegal city races, cops chases and much more, this is a video game for you. Some of the titles even offer the sportier versions where you run on the race tracks, and there is also an online game where you can play with friends on the internet and test your skills.

Collin McRae series

Named after the racing legend, CMR series brought a lot of fun to many a childhood. This super real and immersive race simulation will put you behind the wheel of a racing car and allow you to test your skills on some of the world’s most famous racing tracks.

With several sequels, CMR will bring you into a dessert, dirt roads, back alleys and top class race tracks where you will be able to enjoy the almost too real racing experience.

Your car will break down, and you will have to fix it in between race stages, damage management will become a real thing while you attempt to conquer the leading charts. There are not many games like this one so make sure to test it and see if it suits you.


Now, here is a video game you won’t forget that easily. If the games we mentioned are too bland for your taste, we suggest you try any of the FlatOut titles. They are sure to entertain you. You may love or hate the racing games; one thing is for sure – everybody loved FlatOut!

The game features demolition derby style racing, where your car can be destroyed and once you hit a wall, your driver can be ejected through the window.

This useful feature was best-taken advantage of in the mini-games the game offered where you were able to play darts by ejecting your character through the windshield or see how far or high it can “jump.”