The technologies and the video games were always closely entwined, so it is normal that with time the graphics in video games are getting better. The games we can play today are a far cry from what we considered astonishing nearly ten years ago and the examples we are about to show you demonstrate how this trend will continue in future.

Far Cry 5image on main post

Coming up just after Christmas, the new Far Cry title is already stirring a lot of attention. And if we only look at the history of the game we can justify it by seeing how this game started.

The history is truly always repeating, and we all remember how revolutionary the first FC was and how highly acclaimed it was.

The same can be said for the new title, featuring an open world for us to explore, a lot of masterfully modeled beasts to fight and a stone-age setting we haven’t seen a lot of so far.

Mafia 3

The new installment of this fantastic franchise is moving the boundaries once more with the amazing looking story of the 70s mafia life. A huge sandbox world that you can explore looks amazing. You can drive, shoot, interact and complete missions while enjoying all this game has to offer. Combine it all with the amazing story Mafia series are known for and you get a winning recipe for an award winning game.

Kingdom Come 2

Heralded as the best looking medieval simulation, KC2 is sure to turn a few heads this year. We have tested the game, and it looks amazing. Just. Amazing. The rendering and the lighting are excellent, even though the beta we tried still has some bugs and sound problems – there is nothing to take away from the graphics. If you want to get a real experience of medieval times, weapons and fights – look no further.

Dead Island 2

Sequel to the critically acclaimed Dead Island promises a lot. With this zombie flick set in the sandbox world of the west coast in the USA you will get a chance to go crazy fighting the zombie plague. Interaction with the surrounding items and objects, great AI, and incredible graphics are just some of the perks of this game. If you like the dark humor that seems to follow zombies like the plague (excuse the pun) you are going to love this game, too. Shoot, blow up, drive over and escape the zombies in one million different ways.

Mirror’s Edge 2

When the ME first hit the shelves, it was revolutionary in the games industry, and the sequel is looking to go even further. As before, we will be put inside the shoes of a protagonist – master of urban running, fighting and thrill seeking. This time, there will be an open world map that you will be able to explore while you jump, run on walls and slide over the buildings. No loading screens, just endless action in the authentic looking amazing world of Mirror’s Edge.